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Join Our TeamSuccessful real estate agents’ long-term success is often closely tied to referral business and repeat customers. Successful Realtors understand the independent nature of the line of work they have chosen and dedicate significant time, energy, and effort to building a successful business for themselves. To be a top producer in real estate takes business planning, patience, people skills, and resilience in addition to many other sub sets of skills. New Agents will need a financial reserve to get them through the first six to twelve months in the business to pay household and personal expenses in addition to start-up and marketing costs related to their new real estate sales business. You will need self-motivation, be a self-starter, conscientious, disciplined, and organized. People skills are the number one skill for you to be successful. People skills include building rapport, problem solving, active listening, assimilating needs and wants, and emotional resilience. Real estate consumers expect and deserve an ethical and professional real estate experience. You will need to respect all kinds of people, personalities, ethnic groups, and lifestyles.

Real estate agents will need to have more than a business relationship with the clientele. Have the ability to be available when complications occur in the transaction and the client needs reassurance or to simply vent some frustration. A personal relationship with your clients that is an essential part of the exceptional customer service that is required.

Real estate is increasingly a technology driven business. You will need to have or learn to use at a minimum a personal computer, digital camera, and e-mail and software programs to create effective marketing pieces and efficiently manage your time. The majority of real estate consumers today expect real estate agents to be able to email listings, arrange virtual tours, and have an Internet presence.

Duties to Include, but not limited to:

Help clients purchase the home of their dreams. locate available pieces of real estate that match clients’ parameters with respect to size, cost and location; schedules appointments to view the properties; assists with the preparation of an offer and negotiation process of the final purchase price.
a.. Providing prospective clients with information that can help them identify areas to look for property
b.. Researching listings of property for sale
c.. Helping buyers identify properties that meet their needs
d.. Showing homes to clients
e.. Negotiating purchase agreements with sellers and/or their agents
f.. Verifying that appropriate facts about the property are disclosed to clients
g.. Coordinating various aspects of the closing process on behalf of clients
Help the seller prepare the property to show it off in its best light; take photos and create fliers that advertise the property; list the real estate on the Multiple Listing Service and in print as well as online; place a “for sale” sign on the property and possibly hold an open house and make yourself available; presents offers to the seller and then assists with the negotiations for a final selling price; also help sellers reconsider a sale price if the property does not move quickly enough.

a.. Helping clients determine the value of property they want to sell
b.. Preparing market analysis statistics
c.. Providing tips to help sellers stage property so that it will appeal to buyers
d.. Advertising listed property to other Realtors and potential buyers
e.. Hosting Realtor Open Houses, during which other real estate agents tour the property
f.. Hosting open house events for the public
g.. Negotiating contracts with buyers and/or agents acting on their behalf
h.. Educating sellers about disclosure requirements
i.. Facilitating the closing process on behalf of clients