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  1. Bernard is your guy. Very easy to contact and bent over backwards to help us find our new home. Without a doubt, highly recommended

  2. Before buying a home, I had never worked with a realtor before, so I was a little unsure as to what to expect.  My closest analogue was the car buying experience, an experience which felt a little unsavory, and so I was a little apprehensive about the whole process.   

    Turns out I had nothing to worry about.  Working with Bernard was ridiculously easy, and I literally can’t recommend him strongly enough.  Here’s why:

    1.  He’s super responsive.  I can’t count the number of times he’d take me out on short notice to see a place, or answer a text at random hours of the night.  

    2.  He knows his stuff.  Drive around with Bernard and you’ll quickly realize that he has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Elk Grove.  It’s uncanny–go down any random street and chances are he not only knows the entire history of every unit on the block, he can also tell you all sorts of interesting and relevant tidbits about a property, like if the HOA is weak or if they recently had a special assessment, etc.  

    3.  He’s nice.  Like, Midwestern nice.  This is one of those qualities that’s hard to quantify or put on a resume, but it’s critically important to building relationships and a reputation.  People like to work with pleasant people, and Bernard is one of the most pleasant and polite people I’ve ever worked with.  

    4.  He’s a negotiating machine.  I’m now living in an amazing space, for an amazing price, and none of it would have happened without him.  He handled everything flawlessly from start to finish.

    Bottom line is if you’re looking to buy a place anywhere in Elk Grove or a surrounding city, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone as easy, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with Bernard.

  3. We worked with Bernard and he was wonderful! he helped us purchase a home in Lodi and was there from beginning to end. Very attentive and detail oriented – would highly recomend!

  4. It can be such a hassle to look for the perfect home but I must say that Bernard made it as pleasant as it could be. He really listened to what I was looking for and narrowed down the results so I didn’t waste time, money or energy.   I appreciated his integrity and professionalism throughout our time together.

  5. Its been several months since my wife and I worked with Bernard in purchasing our home, but I remember the experience like it was yesterday.  I was in the middle of a career change while attending school in the evenings, and I honestly didn’t think I could deal with the stress of buying a new home at the same time.  Truth be told, I REALLY didn’t want to deal with a bunch of snake oil salesman and sweet talkers only concerned with making their next commission. Bernard quickly put my fears to rest, as his professionalism and knowledge of the industry made the entire process painless.  As first time home buyers, we were a little overwhelmed with all the choices and didn’t know where to start, but Bernard took the time to work with us to ensure we not only knew what we were agreeing to, but let us know what options were available to us so we could make informed decisions.  It took my wife and I some time to figure out what we wanted, but Bernard never stopped working to help us find our perfect first home, no matter how many times we changed our mind.  Once we finally narrowed it down, Bernard went to work, and not only managed to get our top choice at the price we wanted, he achieved my stretch goal of negotiating all the appliances and big screen TV in as well!  It was a great experience, and when it comes time to sell this house and buy another, I wont even consider anyone else…when making what is most likely the largest finical decision of my life, I want someone trustworthy that I know will deliver, and I have no doubt Bernard will do both.

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