What’s Your Home Worth?

What's Your Home Worth?

What’s Your Home Worth?


How can an owner set an asking price in such a dynamic market? Overprice your house, and you could own it forever. Under price it, and you’ll be the one who left $50,000 on the table.

Over pricing a home, which is perhaps the most common mistake, generally results in fewer qualified offers and agents (or Buyers) not showing your property at all. Remember, “Buyers select homes by comparison shopping.” Therefore, over pricing a home can actually help sell the competition.

A good Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) includes strong judgment from the agent, who presumably has a sense of whether the market has been moving up or down. We will not just enter your address in a database that gives a generic computer generated number, our Comparative Market Analysis is actually an informal appraisal and will give you a Strong sense of your Homes’ Value.

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